Children’s Meal Plan

Sometimes they eat with us, but these are meals which are simple enough to cook alongside another meal, when the grown-up food doesn’t appeal.

Most are made from components I can batch-cook and freeze, or are very very simple. I’ll post recipes where necessary. 


Pasta and olive oil, or with sundried tomato paste, roasted cherry tomatoes or pesto.
With raw carrot, cucumber, fruit.
‘Curry Rice’- fried grated carrot, courgette, pepper, onion, garlic, ground almonds, poppy seeds, corriander
Vegetable sesame toast (make full quantity!) as part of a Muffington Meal or with Spring Rolls and
Satay Kebabs

Thai Curry (tiny amount of paste and coconut milk), rice


Pizza and salad – 1 batch of dough makes 8 pizzas, home made sauce from freezer, Sainsbury’s Love Soya sausages and red pepper topping.
“Dumplings” – stir fry in rice pancakes, fried

Scallion pancakes

‘Chicken’ nuggets with homemade pitta and salads

Home made potato wedges (baked potato cut in wedges and rubbed with a mixture of cornflour, nutritional yeast, salt and herbs, then roasted)

Sausage (bought, vegan) and chips

‘Meatballs’ and spaghetti


Cous cous, tiny fried vegetables, Fry’s Chicken Strips- roasted
Curried Chicken Style Strips
Fry’s Chicken style Fried Rice with peas, onions, soy sauce
Rice with assorted topping possibilities- toasted cashews, veg, ‘meats’ 

Baked potatoes, with ‘vegetable fingers’ (breaded mash with veg mixed in)

Stir fry


Rice noodles cooked in miso with tiny vegetables and peanuts.
Sesame Rice Balls, satay sauce to dip?
Tortilla bowls with mashed beans/mole/Veganic cheese
Sesame toasts 

Sweet potato croquettes with gram flour and sesame In pitta bread


Linda McCartney sausage and chips, peas and sweet corn.
TVP meatballs on tomato sauce (or without), with roast potatoes 

Veg lasagne


Baked Potato Skins, Chicken Nuggets, Broccoli

Satay Kebabs
with Fry’s Chicken-Style Strips (marinade home made, frozen in ice cube tray), golden rice. 


TVP Burgers with twice baked potatoes

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