Water Kefir

Well I made about eight batches, in various flavours. It was fine, I thought it was pleasant but the husband and kidlets didn’t like it. Ultimately I don’t have much faith in the health benefits and the taste isn’t exciting enough for me to keep those grains fed and watered. They’ve gone to live on a farm where they have plenty of space to run (cough composted cough).

Original post:
I’ve started brewing Water Kefir, it’s supposed to be good for you and provide vitamin B12 (disputed here), though I couldn’t vouch for the science of probiotics either. If I’m honest I just want another pet ferment to go with my sourdough starter and my yoghurt! I’ll keep it for flavour and a vague approval of fermented foods!
I’m on day two, so I write with unimpeachable authority on the subject….

Here is what I’ve been doing.

Into a jar:
1 litre boiled and cooled water with
2 tablespoons cane sugar dissolved in it
Kefir grains (about 4 tablespoons?)
1 pinch bicarbonate of soda
About 6 raisins

Leave for 24 hours under a tea towel on the counter.

Strain off grains, pick out raisins and start a new batch.

Mix liquid with flavourings (so far berries in one and lime juice in the other) and bottle. Leave for two days under the tea towel, then strain if necessary and refrigerate.